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Belgica 2006

November 2006

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. The project

From November 16th to 20th 2006 I contributed to another event: Belgica 2006, a World Philatelic Exhibition that took place at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre "The Heysel" in Brussels (the previous exhibition in 2001 had 100.000 visitors in 7 days!). With the Belgian Postal Service "De Post" as co-host of this exhibition, BeLUG was again contacted to make a LEGO mosaic.
The other BeLUG-members placed a layout almost as big as the one they had during LegoWorld Zwolle. They had it on display during the entire exhibition. In the mean time I had to build a mosaic representing the logo of the exhibition.
To build this mosaic there was one restriction: there was no time to order bricks from TLC before the exhibition opened its doors, so I had to use the bricks that LEGO Benelux had in stock: for the most part 2x4 bricks. To obtain a better resolution I decided to use the smallest side of the 2x4 bricks, resulting in a four studs wide, brickwall-structured mosaic.
I had four and a half days to complete the mosaic to have it finished by noon on the final day. Approximately 27.000 2x4 bricks, that is about 6.000 pieces to be clicked together each day. I soon realized that building with DUPLO bricks is much easier; force is needed to click the standard LEGO bricks together. This one was hard labour...

2. Pictures

Starting from scratch

  • Left: I started from scratch, resulting in many questions the first day from children who couldn't figure out what I was doing.
  • Right: With a little help from BeLUG-colleague Serge, I was on schedule at the end of day 1.

End of day 1
Ludo and Jean-Marc

  • Left: The DUPLO wall was also on display. Ludo and Jean-Marc finished it to give me the chance to concentrate on the new mosaic.
  • Right: Still on schedule at the end of day 2. It's getting pretty obvious what I'm doing...

End of day 2
BeLUG layout

  • Left: Very hard to frame in one picture: the BeLUG layout was approximately 18 metres long (with a seperate GBC table).
  • Right: End of day 3.

End of day 3
End of day 4

  • Left: End of day 4. Those two faces are yellow: I considered using a checkerboard-pattern yellow-orange, but I didn't have enough orange bricks. It's still very recognizable.
  • Right: Finished. Look at the top-rows: I even had to use really old white bricks to finish it.
  • Below: Together with the DUPLO wall.

De Post and Belgica 2006

The logo of Belgica 2006 appears with kind permission of the organizing committee.