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LEGO® creations from Maarten Steurbaut

Last update: February 23, 2023

Due to chronic health problems I find it very hard to find the time (and the energy!) to update my website...
I prefer to use the little time I have to create new stuff.
I'll try to post as many pictures of my more recent creations as possible in my BrickShelf folder.

LEGO® Friends
Another giant studs-out mosaic.

April, 2019

Useless Machine I
A GBC-ish kinetic sculpture.

August, 2018

Harmonograph Mk. II
An improved 4 pendulum LEGO® harmonograph.

September, 2017

World Championship Cyclocross 2017
Two 1m² studs-out mosaics.

August, 2017

Another giant studs-out mosaic.

April, 2017

Tribute to Legends of Pop
Studs-out mosaics on large baseplates.

March, 2017

Giant studs-out mosaic.

November, 2016

Bald Eagle
1m² studs-out mosaic.

April, 2016

A 3 pendulum LEGO® harmonograph.

March, 2016

More Star Wars characters
Studs-out mosaics on large baseplates.

November, 2015

Ball Factory
Ball Factory: Another GBC module.

August, 2015

The girl next door...
1m² studs-out mosaic.

March, 2015

Tilted Rotors: My first GBC module.

January, 2015

Painted Ladies
Another giant LEGO® mosaic!

November, 2014

Happy Birthday!!
A few small personalised creations.

September, 2014

Chanel West Coast
0.5m² studs-out mosaic.

August, 2014

1m² studs-out mosaic.

May, 2014

1m² studs-out mosaic.

October, 2013

The ultimate Burr puzzle
A LEGO® version of this wooden puzzle.

August, 2013

Another giant LEGO® mosaic!

April, 2013

Pippi Longstocking
1m² studs-out mosaic.

November, 2012

Quiz Buzzer
Wireless, simple and effective.

May, 2012

BeLUG clubweekend Wetteren 2012
Club event

April, 2012

A giant LEGO® mosaic!

November, 2011

BeLUG clubweekend Wetteren 2011
Club event

May, 2011

Trip to Billund 2011

April 9 - April 14, 2011

Perpetuum Mobile
Is it possible??

March, 2011

Home-made storage-containers

January, 2011

BeLUG clubweekend Wilrijk 2010
LEGO® Blind Building

Club event

November, 2010

BeLUG clubweekend Wetteren 2010
Club event

May, 2010

LEGO® logo of KBC Banking and Insurance

September, 2008

In 2008 the Smurfs celebrate their 50th anniversary, too

September, 2008

About Rail Tracks
Is it possible to have different scaled trains running on the same tracks ("L-gauge")?

February, 2008

Eternity Puzzle
A LEGO® version of the $2million board game

September, 2007

The 75th anniversary of LEGO®

August 10, 2007

6-piece Burr puzzle
A LEGO® version of this wooden puzzle

July, 2007

Altekruse puzzle
A LEGO® version of this wooden puzzle

June, 2007

Wooden Knot
A LEGO® version of this famous wooden puzzle

November 2006

Belgica 2006
LEGO® logo of the World Filatelic Exhibition

November 2006

De Post
Giant DUPLO® logo of the Belgian Postal Service

September 2006

About SNOT
3D-puzzles redesigned:
smooth surfaces on all sides with only bricks, plates and tiles

November 2005

Level 42
My favourite band from the eighties

December 2004

The Message
Drive safely... even at night...

August 2004

Bob the Builder
The final preparation for the large mosaic

July 2004

More 3D - Puzzles: Cube / Sphere
A LEGO® version of this famous wooden puzzle

Cube: April 2004
Sphere: May 2004

Japanese Crystal
A LEGO® version of this famous wooden puzzle

March 2004

Virtual Beethoven
The biggest MLCad project ever?

February 2004

Rubik's famous magic Cube II
A smaller version of the Cube

November 2003

Roll the dice!
How small can you build a die with smooth tiles on all six sides?

October 2003 - November 2003

Rubik's famous magic Cube I
A complete description of the construction of the Cube with standard LEGO® elements

August 2003

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