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The 50th anniversary of the Smurfs

July - September 2008

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

LEGO celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brick in 2008. But in 2008 something/someone else is also celebrating its 50th anniversary: the small blue characters created by Pierre Culliford (AKA Peyo), better known as the Smurfs.
Some people may have build a Smurf from LEGO before, but I thought I might give it a try, too. Not with basic bricks however: I tried to build a Smurf using lots of tiles, slopes, wedges,... combined with lots of SNOT. It seemed very simple at first, but then I discovered that not every part I intended to use exists in both blue and white. That's why the cheeks of the Smurf don't have the same nice curve as the hat. I hope you like it anyway...
I cheated a little bit: I used slope bricks round 2x8x3 (left and right wedge) in blue for the shoulder (because it looks good that way). These parts don't exist yet in blue. If I can find the time to design a complete body for my Smurf, I'll have to find another solution.

2. Images

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The rendered images are created with MLCad and rendered with POV-Ray.

The Smurfs are copyright ©Peyo.