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April 2017

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)


1. Introduction

Back in 1999 three young ladies (Kristel, Karen & Kathleen better known as K3) participated in the Belgian preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite negative feedback from former MTV-VJ Marcel Vanthilt their song became a hit, followed by many other hits. The band became a phenomenon in Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2009 Kathleen left the band and was replaced by Josje. In 2015 the entire line-up was changed (Marthe, Hanne & Klaasje), keeping the bands name K3.
I have three daughters for whom I've been a housefather for almost nine years: I've sung lots of K3-songs for/with my girls... So why not turning a K3-image into a mosaic? And how?...

In 2014 I spent a weekend in LegoLand GŁnzburg with my children. We were lucky: during that weekend LegoLand organised a mosaic building project for the visitors of the park. Everybody who joined in received a painted 6x6 plate. The idea was to fill the plate with 1x1 bricks corresponding to the painted colours. Finished plates were then placed on a huge wall in the row/column corresponding to the numbers found on the backside of the plate. By the end of the weekend a cool image appeared. My daughters had more fun building than taking rides on the attractions the entire weekend...
Why not organising a mosaic building project during a BeLUG club event? I have the mosaic building skills, so I could lead the project. I talked about it with the board members, but unfortunately a project like this would be too expensive for the club. Even if we should do it on multiple occasions. Bummer...
I decided to take matters in my own hands, and started collecting the necessary parts. I already had lots of bricks, I still needed lots of large baseplates, 6x6 or 8x8 plates, a laminator (for reusable building instructions) and lots of zip bags (to avoid theft builders would only receive the necessary parts to finish one plate). My building instructions for a complete mosaic were cut in smaller parts (lots of copy-paste...), row- and column-numbers were added, and the building instructions were printed (which required many cartridge refills...) and laminated. Zip bags were prepared, with many thanks to my daughters who helped out a lot in this stage of the project! I estimate it took already more than 200 hours of preparation-time only!

2. Images

  • Left: 24 large baseplates, divided in 864 (!) 8x8 parts with a marker pen. My wooden structure could also be used to hold the background in position.

  • Right: 864 zipbags containing one 8x8 plate, a small building instruction and the necessary parts to finish the plate.
    One side of the building instructions is in Black & White to clearly distinguish were to put 1x1, 1x2 or 2x2-bricks, the other side is in colour and can be used to verify your creation (below).

Zip bags
One finished plate...

3. YouTube video

Many thanks to fellow club-member Bart Van Laere who let me use his GoPro cams to make this timelapse video of our building project!...

The image of K3 was used with kind permission of Studio100.