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Selah Sue

March 2015

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

I met her once:
A few years ago, I took the train back home from work, hoping to find an empty seat in rush hour. When she saw me entering the compartment she quickly rearranged her gear to make sure that nobody would sit close to her. A bit arrogant and even agressive, if you ask me... I was lucky enough to find a spot just behind her. I kept looking at her: there was something familiar about her, but I couldn't figure out what it was. She had to get out on the next stop and started to move all her gear towards the exit. I hesitated to give her a helping hand: she didn't want me to sit in her compartment, would she accept my help? I decided not to help, to my regret. The final item she picked up was a guitar with a name on the cover: "S.Selah". And then it hit me why she looked so familiar to me: just a few days earlier I had seen her in an interview on TV...
I'm not really a big fan of her music, apart from one song: a few months ago she released the track "Alone" that I really liked. Do we have something in common?...
Anyway, I don't have to search the entire globe to find a cute young lady to portray, there's one right next door, too... And on top of that: it comes approximately at the same time of the release of her new full-CD "Reason"!

Most of my mosaics have plenty of colours. This time I wanted to proove that it can also be done with just the two basic colours Black and White.
Using White, Tan, Light Bluish Gray, Dark Tan, Dark Bluish Gray and Black resulted in a much better approximation of the original image, but in this Black and White version she keeps her mysterious look.

2. Image

Selah Sue