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The ultimate Burr puzzle (18 pieces)

August 2013

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

Focus has been on building mosaics, but I finally found motivation to build another sliding puzzle: when a puzzle-fanatic asked me to provide building instructions of my sliding puzzles, he also stated that an 18-piece Burr would be an excellent eyecatcher for a puzzle-collection...

2. Images

Virtual 18-piece Burr puzzle

  • Left: as usual I always design the puzzles first with MLCad.
  • Right: the finished puzzle.
The real 18-piece Burr puzzle
Virtual pieces

  • Left: MLCad version of the required pieces.
  • Right: the pieces.
Required pieces

3. YouTube video (2015)

Better late than never: I finally made some videos of my sliding puzzles, posted them on my YouTube channel, and embedded them here on my website.

The rendered images are created with MLCad and rendered with POV-Ray.