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Quiz Buzzer

May 2012

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

The past few years, one of my daughters has presented a homemade quiz (based on a popular TV-quiz) on family gatherings. The first time the one who knew the answer just had to shout before giving the answer. The second time my brother borrowed an electronic buzzer mechanism that worked pretty well, but was way too difficult to transport and install (not to mention all those wires across the living room). That's when I decided to make a simple mechanical device, where the participants could use the PF IR Remote Control as buzzer (no more wires throughout the living room, people could sit wherever they pleased).

  • Advantage: if both teams pushed the button at the same time, there couldn't be any discussion about which team got to answer first.
  • Disadvantage: the quizmaster had to manually (with a third PF IR Remote Control) reset the device into it's initial position.

2. Images

Quiz Buzzer Quiz Buzzer
Weird: it didn't work with the 2 motors attached to just one PF IR Receiver No tie possible