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November 2011

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)


1. Introduction

After my big mosaic of Level 42 back in 2004, it was about time I came up with a new one. A big one. A really big one!
So instead of building a studs-up mosaic with plates (for better resolution), I built a studs-up mosaic only with bricks. I checked the back of my car to figure out what would be the maximum size that fits in there, and to make it as big as possible I divided it in several panels.

2. Images

Phase one

  • Left: The wooden structure that holds the entire mosaic (notice that it is stretchable from approx. 2 meters up to approx. 4 meters wide).

  • Right: Panel 1 in position.

Panel 1
Panel 2

  • Left: Panel 2 in position.

  • Right: Panel 3 in position.

Panel 3
Panel 4

  • Left: Panel 4 in position.

  • Right: Panel 5 in position.

Panel 5

  • Left: The completed mosaic measures 2,48 meters wide and 1,74 meters high (256 x 214 non-square pixels).

  • Right: And it doesn't just fit in the car: there's still plenty of room for 3 passengers and lots of LEGO...


  • Left: Before I started building this mosaic each wooden panel was 'prepared': every eighth row I screwed (and back unscrewed) 1x16 technic bricks on the panel. To make sure the bricks were perfectly aligned and to avoid deformation while building I had to use these screwholes again!

  • Right: In the beginning, there was nothing... Only lots of sheets with building instructions, and lots of trays filled with bricks.

In the beginning...

  • Left: I see lots of colours coming up after a few hours (or was it: days?...). With the panels lengthwise on my desk, I am actually building upwards (which is a lot easier). The completed mosaic however is build sideways.

  • Right: To make sure it wouldn't fall apart during transport, the first and last row of each panel was reinforced with a small piece of paper. You can really feel a difference!...