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Useless Machine I

August 2018

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

I have a bad habit: every evening before I go to sleep I just have this urge for channel hopping for about 10 minutes. Somewhere in March 2017 around midnight I stumbled upon a program about art on the BBC. I'm really not interested in art, so I would have switched to another channel immediately if I hadn't heard the words "kinetic sculptures". Just for a few seconds I saw this gigantic metal kinetic sculpture moving a ball upwards very slowly with a well-hidden mechanism. Because of the round shape I saw a challenge in recreating this in LEGO. I immediately made a sketch of what I thought could have been the mechanism behind it. But in the heat of the moment I forgot two things:

  • I forgot to write down the name of the original artist;
  • I forgot to check the name of the program in my TV guide...
If you think you know what or who I'm talking about, please let me know so I can alter the text above...

Weird colour combination? As usual I tried to build it with the bricks in my own supply without purchasing lots of new bricks (only the balls, a handfull of L16 axles, and a Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box).

2. Images

Useless Machine I

  • Left: I designed a box for easy transportation, but it's half an inch too wide to fit through the doors... I have to remove the sides until the entry hall, where they can be reassembled before I put it in the car.

  • Right: I painted the bottom of the box and screwed the creation on to it to have it ready for display (it's way too heavy to just pick it up and put it on a table without breaking).

Useless Machine I

Update after the first event: using a Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box is a much better idea than just a standard Power Functions AAA Battery Box: I had to replace the batteries every hour and of course I dind't have enough batteries to make it run an entire weekend... (I had total confidence in it and didn't check it at home for more than an hour... My mistake!).

3. YouTube video