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Mosaic: KBC-logo

September 2008

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

KBC Banking and Insurance organised during the month October a savings/investments-tombola. Every year a European country is the central theme of this special action. This year the European country was Denmark (e.g. city-trips to Kopenhagen to win). Some local offices even dress up the entire bank to match that European country. One of the employees at KBC Leuven-Ladeuze knew that Denmark is the homeland of LEGO. He contacted me, asking if I wanted to exhibit my work in their office during the month October. It's very nice to hear from someone outside the Lego-community he actually likes my creations.
My Level 42-mosaic was hung in the reception area, while my sliding puzzles were placed somewhere in the middle of the office. BeLUG-colleague Serge Belsack also had some items on display that didn't have to go to LegoWorld (unfortunately LegoWorld Zwolle is also in October). And there was a stand with Carlsberg-beer, too (very Danish, isn't it?).

Because I haven't build many new things lately (with still lots of bricks in stock), I suggested to build a mosaic of the KBC-logo. Let's be clear about this: I did not build this mosaic on commission (wrong moment, with the current worldwide financial crisis...). But I had two days fun building it before the exhibit, and two more hours to take it apart afterwards... And it was also hung in the reception area of the bank.

2. Images

  • 66 studs wide, 131 plates high.
  • It looks a bit weird on the back, but I used about every medium blue (mostly 2x2 corner) brick/plate I had in my supply to make it as big as possible...

Special thanks to Herman Decoster at KBC Leuven-Ladeuze.
The KBC logo appears with kind permission of KBC Banking and Insurance.