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Bob the Builder

(design: July 2004)

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Final preparations for the large mosaic

In an earlier announcement on LUGNET (http://news.lugnet.com/announce/moc/?n=1804), I already explained that I had designed a frame for a "studs-up" mosaic of only 2 studs width. This frame would not only make it possible to make the mosaic itself just one stud wide (to increase weight), but also excludes the use of glue (this is very important if I want to disassemble the model).
I thought it might not be such a bad idea to test this frame before I actually start building my big mosaic. If I do so, why shouldn't I make a complete mosaic inside this frame? I didn't want to loose precious time, so I made it out of bricks instead of plates (I used 4 boxes item# 4107 and a few extra pieces from my "Pick-and-Mix" bags).

2. It's hanging!

As you can see, it's hanging on the wall. And of course no glue was used.

3. The frame

Did you really expect me to reveal the secret of this frame? Sorry guys. Maybe, just maybe I'll make some pictures of the backside when I'm making the large mosaic.

4. Building instructions

If you like to build your own "Bob the Builder" (probably a glued version), you can download the pictures:

  • On the left: you can make this one with bricks only.
  • On the right: if you use bricks and plates, you obtain a much better resolution.