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Pirate Flag

November 2016

(Pictures of my creations can also be found in my BrickShelf folder)

1. Introduction

BeLUG-member Maxim Illegems volunteered to coordinate a huge (100m²!) pirate layout for Brick Mania Antwerp (the biggest LEGO-event in Belgium). Unfortunately, just a few weeks before the event one of the participants canceled his contribution to the layout, leaving Maxim with a big gap (6m²) on his layout. He asked around if someone could help him out last minute, however with poor response...
I invited him over to my place an afternoon and together we made a giant pirate flag mosaic on 24 baseplates (since mosaics are kind of my specialty...). My daughter Klaartje also wanted to help: she made an island on 16 baseplates, but because we don't have any pirate minifigs it turned out to be more of a "party"-island instead of a "pirate"-island...
The gaps between the different pirate-ships were slightly bigger than originally intended, but nobody noticed the absence of one participant...

2. Images

Pirate Flag Pirate-Island Overview of the pirate ships with the island in the middle of them.