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Getting more serious...

After approximately ten years out of sight, I thought the time had come to take my ministeck tiles back in hand and actually do something with it. I had invested a lot of money in it throughout the years, but I had never done anything with it (allthough I always planned to do so).
Back in 1998 I wrote a small program in Visual Basic 3 to convert my own pictures to the ministeck colourpallette. This program was far from perfect: I couldn't view the result on my screen because of a bug in the software; I could only save it to a textfile (one character for every colour). Converting a photograph to the PortretStudio colourpallette (nine colours) was the easiest. On this picture you can see my oldest daughter when she was approximately fourteen months. This mosaic exists out of four large baseplates (128x160 pixels).
In 1999 I also made an attempt to convert a drawing to the ministeck colourpallette (23 colours). It looks great from a distance, but the mosaic is stacked with 1x1 tiles. I had to cut thousands of pieces for this one (8 baseplates = 256x160 pixels).
These two models are the oldest of which I tried to make a photograph. I booked improvement in photography since (I wait until the sun shines, then I can take pictures without using the flash).

When my (now ex-)wife gave birth to our third child I surprised her in hospital with this mosaic of my two other children. Because I got fed up with cutting tiles, I tried to remove (manually, this was not part of my program ... yet) as many 1x1 tiles as possible. 1x1 elements can be removed when the contrast to adjacent pixels is not too big. I was very pleased with the result, this is the best mosaic I've made ... so far (6 baseplates = 192x160 pixels).

Another picture

The birthcard of my third child contains a little train (do you recognize the LEGO PRIMO train?...) with three figures on it (representing my three children). I turned it into a mosaic and coloured it arbitrarily (224x128 pixels).