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Extra large...

My program is more or less satisfactory, so now I have to find myself a good subject for a mosaic. Regardless of the subject, the mosaic had to fulfil following conditions:

  • I wanted to make a really big mosaic, at least one square meter (more than 10 square feet) because my collection colourbars had grown significantly.
  • It had to be a very colourful mosaic. Unfortunately I had large amounts of black colourbars, so I also wanted the mosaic to contain as much black as possible.
  • Besides I didn't want to buy lots of extra material for my mosaic. At this point I still wasn't sure I would go through with it (there is a big difference in making plans and actually execute them).

Adi Steurbaut (my father) has released an artbook in 2001 with a nice overview of his painting carreer. If I choose a painting from this book, I could spare myself the trouble of scanning a picture (no chance of loss of contrast, brightness,...). With the permission of the author I recieved the sourcefile from the printing-office.

General info:

  • Size of the original painting: 60x60 cm (24x24 inches)
  • Size of the mosaic: 120x120 cm - 288x288 pixels (48x48 inches) (to preserve as many details as possible)
  • Designed: May 2002
  • Finished: November 2002


Total amount of colourbars (1 package contains 5 colourbars):

  • 601 black: 96x
  • 602 dark blue: 8x
  • 603 medium blue: 12x
  • 604 medium green: 2x
  • 605 dark green: 3x
  • 606 red: 5x
  • 607 orange: 8x
  • 608 yellow: 1x
  • 609 beige: 1x
  • 610 light brown: 1x
  • 611 medium brown: 1x
  • 612 dark brown: 1x
  • 613 white: 3x
  • 614 light grey: 1x
  • 615 light pink: 1x
  • 616 dark grey: 1x
  • 617 olive: 2x
  • 619 flesh: 1x
  • 620 purple: 1x
  • 621 light green: 1x
  • 622 corn: 5x
  • 623 dark pink: 7x
  • 624 light blue: 1x