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Something for the kids...

My (now ex-)wife has knitted several sweaters for the children. There are plenty of books with knitting patterns, but this time she wanted to try my program to put a nice image on a sweater. What else can you do with lots of knitting leftovers than make a colourful sweater?

There is a small problem: if you knit a square, the number of stitches and needles will never be the same. It depends on the type of stitch you use. For this sweater 23 stitches and 30 needles were necessary to get a square. Therefore I stretched the picture 30:23=130% to achieve a nice result.

Stretching the image like this gives me the chance of using my program for other purposes. Instead of making a mosaic with ministeck tiles, I can now also make mosaics with LEGO bricks. If you look at LEGO elements than you see that their height and widht differs (a ratio of 6 to 5 for elements, a ratio of 2 to 5 for plates). Unfortunately, my LEGO collection (which is much bigger than my ministeck collection) contains lots of technical elements and very few standard LEGO bricks. The idea stands so maybe in a couple of years from now you may find other stuff on my webpage.