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My Source of inspiration for this mosaic was an original ministeck model that has been available through TMT-Toys as an 18+ item (no longer available). I wondered why this was an 18+ item, because I bought this model in a toyshop when I was approximately 16 year.

What was the challenge in making this mosaic ?

  • It was created from a grayscale picture.
  • I didn't like the background of the original picture. It was removed and replaced with a more colourful (exotic) background.
  • Again, 1x1 elements are very rare in my mosaics thanks to my own program.

I don't remember who's on the picture. I even don't remember where I downloaded it. If you know who it is, please let me know.

General info:

  • Size of the mosaic: 80x133 cm - 192x320 pixels (32x53 inches)
  • Designed and finished: March 2003
  • (The picture wasn't made until September: I've been searching for a solution to hang my mosaics without using glue to attach the baseplates to a hardboard plate. I wanted the possibility to demolish the mosaics whenever I want, e.g. when I need the material for other mosaics.)


Total amount of colourbars (1 package contains 5 colourbars):

  • 601 black: 11x
  • 603 medium blue: 4x
  • 604 medium green: 7x
  • 605 dark green: 9x
  • 608 yellow: 1x
  • 609 beige: 1x
  • 610 light brown: 18x
  • 611 medium brown: 16x
  • 612 dark brown: 7x
  • 613 white: 8x
  • 615 light pink: 6x
  • 617 olive: 10x
  • 618 gold: 1x
  • 619 flesh: 2x
  • 620 purple: 1x
  • 621 light green: 5x
  • 622 corn: 7x
  • 623 dark pink: 2x
  • 624 light blue: 6x