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The kids

The mosaic of my children was getting a bit out of date, so I thought it might be a good idea to have it replaced, this time with three children.

Just like the previous one, this mosaic was made with the nine brown-shades from the old ministeck Porträt-Studio boxes. I added black and white because I feared I wouldn't have enough material to finish this mosaic (this one is much bigger). I used eleven colours to make this mosaic.

Whether it's brown-shaded or gray-shaded, these mosaics are made from grayscale pictures. The darkest pixels are turned into the darkest colour, the lightest pixels are turned into the lightest colour,...
In fact, these mosaics are a lot easier to build than coloured ones where a dithering method is required to obtain good resolution (especially on photos).

General info:

  • Size of the mosaic: 80x100 cm - 192x240 pixels (32x40 inches)
  • Designed: March 2004
  • Finished: May 2004


Total amount of colourbars (1 package contains 5 colourbars / the brown-shades where never sold seperately, I used 5 basic boxes in total):

  • black: 5x
  • brown 9 (dark): 8x
  • brown 8: 6x
  • brown 7: 6x
  • brown 6: 7x
  • brown 5: 6x
  • brown 3+4: 15x (two seperately packed colours without visible difference)
  • brown 2: 6x
  • brown 1: 11x
  • brown 0 (light): 11x
  • white: 7x