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New Year gifts

I didn't have lots of inspiration to buy New Year gifts for family and friends. On top of that, I had a rather tight budget. So I thought it might be a good idea to make a small mosaic of everybody. After all: I still had lots of materials in stock. Only a few months before my wife left me, we had decided to make a huge mosaic of our family to decorate an entire wall in the playroom of the kids, with a total surface of more than 6m² (>54 square feet). You can imagine I don't want my ex-wife life-sized hanging on my wall, so that project got cancelled... Now I finally got around using some of those materials.
I didn't have great images of everybody and I couldn't ask for better pictures otherwise they would have known what was coming. But with a little bit of photoshopping I managed to build 6 mosaics in quite a short time-frame (one week, in between Christmas and New Year's Eve!). I kept it rather simple by only using brown-scale colours (white, beige, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black) in non-dithered mosaics.

When I distributed the gifts, I told everyone they got the very same - unoriginal - gift. So I asked them to open their gifts all simultanuously, for not to spoil the surprise for the others. Well: it turned out to be a bigger surprise than they expected...

Each mosaic measures 26,6x33,3 cm (10,5x13 inches), the size of one large baseplate (64x80 pixels).

  • Designed and created: December 2011